On this page you find more about our special services for transport and exhibition logistics.


Before we start packing we will spend much time to inform and advise you about all details of our transport and exhibition logistics to match our skills with your needs. After that we will work out an individual offer and logistic plannings regarding the handling and transport of your artworks.


Most important for the transportation and storage of your artworks will be the expertly right packing for which we have a well trained and experienced staff, and we will use highest quality and tested packing materials only.


For the transports of valuable works of art we use specially equipped, purpose-built vehicles, air-cushioned and air-conditioned, with lifting platforms, run by our very well trained drivers, on request with a dual driver system and with a security escort.

Usually the transport of artworks will be carried out as an individual, directly delivered one, but we can also offer you regular partial load options.

We can also organize for you international, long-distance cartages as sea- or airfreight services.


After transportation, unloading and unpacking of your artworks at their destination the set-up works will follow. Many of the objects, from antique cupboards to modern installations, have to be expertly assembled now.

We care also about the right presentation as well as the professional preservation or restoration of your works of art, always following most modern standards.


For a single work of art or even for a whole collection we can offer you special storage facilities - airconditioned, water- and fireproof, and kept under surveillance with security alarm - and we will arrange for you a customized full insurance cover.

For all questions of liability see the German version of our terms, conditions of sale, and liability information, which will be decisive for all disputes.

For all details and more information you can reach us under the telephone number ++ 49 (0) 89 14 32 49 63 or use the contact form at this web site.

Many other services we offer you find under www.atu-logistik.de or under www.umzug-muenchen.eu.